navigate inflection points

How to Navigate Inflection Points

Quite often, a company finds their way to me because they are facing an inflection point. An inflection point is a significant moment of change that marks a shift in the company's trajectory, either positively or negatively. Here are a few examples of inflection points that small tech companies may experience: Funding: Securing funding can [...]
sales enablement

The Case for Sales Enablement

Have sales become more or less difficult for your company? Well, if you had invested in sales enablement before COVID-19, you were much better positioned to handle the disruption in the sales process that hit almost every business in every industry this year. Go-to market models change during periods of disruption and this one is [...]
strategy services

Strategy Redo: The Old Rules No Longer Apply

“A global, novel virus that keeps us contained in our homes—maybe for months—is already reorienting our relationship to government, to the outside world, even to each other. Some changes these experts expect to see in the coming months or years might feel unfamiliar or unsettling: Will nations stay closed? Will touch become taboo? What will [...]
corporate strategy

The Importance of Corporate Strategy

Everything that happens in your company is driven from your strategy. If you don’t have one, you absolutely need one. If you have one, you need to communicate it. And, all your work at your company needs to be linked to the corporate strategy. A strategy session with your team will tackle the questions of: [...]