Personal Growth and Exploration

I have been writing in the business context for many years. I help companies: position their products, create growth strategies, write pitch decks for equity financing, create stories that make companies more valuable for M&A processes and written countless marketing and sales-related content. I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients grow, scale and exit and positioning […]

navigate inflection points

How to Navigate Inflection Points

Quite often, a company finds their way to me because they are facing an inflection point. An inflection point is a significant moment of change that marks a shift in the company's trajectory, either positively or negatively. Here are a few examples of inflection points that small tech companies may experience: Funding: Securing funding can [...]
mental health challenge of entrepreneurs

The Mental Health Challenge of Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be extremely challenging. The mental health challenge of entrepreneurs is complex. The pressure to succeed, the long hours, and the constant stress of running a business can take a toll on even the strongest individuals. I was lucky to run a business […]

sales enablement

The Case for Sales Enablement

Have sales become more or less difficult for your company? Well, if you had invested in sales enablement before COVID-19, you were much better positioned to handle the disruption in the sales process that hit almost every business in every industry this year. Go-to market models change during periods of disruption and this one is [...]
M&A advisor

How to Select an M&A Advisor

I remember when we decided to exit from our software company. We got several referrals for an M&A advisor and also called some that were well-known in our industry. At that time, there weren’t any lower middle market specific M&A firms, so we had to focus on investment banks. Most of them only asked us […]

exit readiness

Exit Readiness

Many founders think that M&A just happens. I’ve even heard founders say “I’ll get hot and buyers will find out about us and make offers.” This isn’t an exit strategy – it’s wishful thinking. And even if you got a pre-emptive offer, how do you know it’s good? You won’t know until you engage in [...]