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Sandra is an M&A advisor and strategy consultant for the lower middle market. She is a former technology company operator and extremely knowledgeable about startups, growing and mature companies. Sandra offers services around M&A, strategy and alignment with business operations. M&A doesn’t just happen – it is the result of good strategy executed well. By offering services in these areas, she can partner with companies for a long-term relationship, rather than a single transaction.

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Who I Serve

lower middle market


My niche is exclusively lower middle marketing companies with revenues under $100M. This niche is under served by business brokers and neglected by investment banks. I understand the value that lower middle market companies provide and work to position your company for the most profitable exit.
mature companies


My services to mature companies include crafting your company story and introducing you to strategic and institutional investors to position you for the most profitable exit. I provide business reviews, exit readiness, market analysis, and CIM creation in addition to M&A referral services.
growth stage company


I help growth stage companies with re-evaluation of strategy and alignment to business operations. I will review your market position and advise on financing options, such as minority/majority buyouts, later stage funding rounds and acquisition options.
early stage companies


I work with early stage startups on strategic partnership development with large corporations and strategic investors. I help startups develop their overall strategy and alignment to people, process and technology.

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