sales enablement

The Case for Sales Enablement

Have sales become more or less difficult for your company? Well, if you had invested in sales enablement before COVID-19, you were much better positioned to handle the disruption in the sales process that hit almost every business in every industry this year. Go-to market models change during periods of disruption and this one is [...]
scale a sales team

How to Scale a Sales Team

In M&A, we often hear investors ask how a company intends to scale. This is a critical factor in determining an investor’s interest in making an investment or acquisition. In my experience as the co-founder of a SaaS company, I had to figure out how to scale a sales team. I knew that scaling a […]

growth hacking

What is growth hacking?

If you don’t know what growth hacking is, it’s time to find out! It is THE buzzword for technology startups. Are growth hackers taking over the world? They have been called the new “VP of Marketing”, so you need to know what the buzz is about because they are producing incredible growth for their companies. […]