M&A services

M&A Services

I provide a menu of M&A advisory services to meet your needs. I offer finder-based referral services and optional firm fixed price and/or ad hoc hourly services as needed. You can select one, many or all services from the menu. My service fees are designed to be friendly to the lower middle market and cost […]

strategic partnership development

Strategic Partnership Development

I provide strategic partnership development services for startups, growth stage and mature companies. There are many benefits to bringing in an outside business development and M&A advisor for this purpose. My approach to strategic partnership development will be based upon your ultimate exit strategy and goals. I also have a large referral network that I [...]
Strategy services

Strategy Services

I provide consulting strategy services to help companies develop or refresh their corporate and marketing strategy. Strategy Services:  Corporate strategy development Vision and mission development Core values development Go-to Market development Brand positioning Channel development You may be interested in my online course on corporate strategy with a DIY approach. Sign up at Udemy! Please [...]
operations alignment

Operations Alignment

I provide consultation on operations alignment to corporate strategy, i.e., people, process and technology. It is critical that the work you do within your organization is aligned with your overall goal. Operations Alignment Services: People Management (talent acquisition, retention, employee experience) Process development and refinement Process automation Technology systems Customer experience Sales excellence Sales enablement [...]