I provide strategic partnership development services for startups, growth stage and mature companies. There are many benefits to bringing in an outside business development and M&A advisor for this purpose. My approach to strategic partnership development will be based upon your ultimate exit strategy and goals. I also have a large referral network that I can utilize to connect your company to partners who may invest in, support and provide your company with the innovation needed to get to the next growth level. Many strategic partners also become acquisition buyers or targets and I create the framework for the partnership with this in mind.

My strategic partnership development services include:

  • Identification of the goals for strategic partnerships (distribution, product development, JV)
  • Development of the targets
  • Outreach to potential strategic partners
  • Feedback from the potential partners
  • Development of a win-win partnership
  • Negotiation of a deal
  • Framework for development of the strategic partner in the company’s exit strategy

I have successfully built win-win strategic partnerships for many customers. Contact me today for a complimentary consultation.

strategic partnership development