growth hacking

What is growth hacking?

If you don’t know what growth hacking is, it’s time to find out! It is THE buzzword for technology startups. Are growth hackers taking over the world? They have been called the new “VP of Marketing”, so you need to know what the buzz is about because they are producing incredible growth for their companies. […]

business metrics

Key Performance Indicators for Your Business

Metrics. They are everywhere and they bombard us in email, dashboards, and presentations. It is easy to get enamored with reviewing metrics and thinking that you know your company. But you must take a step back. You need to determine your story first. What do you want to know? The metrics you receive should be […]

build board of directors

How to Build a Board of Directors

Building a value-add board of directors is not an easy task. Many times, startups begin a board of directors with angel or venture investors and their contacts. But, it is important for a founder/CEO in any stage company to have a strategy for building a board of directors. Read on to learn how to build […]